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In summary, the conversation discusses various terms and definitions related to ethics in the tech industry, such as audits, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and impact assessments. The speakers also touch on the issue of contractors and the concept of "Uberization." The conversation ends with a mention of the importance of replacing outdated moral systems with reason in the development of AI.
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Here are a few excerpts from an article I stumbled across on

The complete list of definitions runs about 50 items. It is sadly true to some extent, and a bit of a change-of-pace from this site.

audit (n) - A review that you pay someone else to do of your company or AI system so that you appear more transparent without needing to change anything. See impact assessment.

diversity, equity, and inclusion (ph) - The act of hiring engineers and researchers from marginalized groups so you can parade them around to the public. If they challenge the status quo, fire them.

impact assessment (ph) - A review that you do yourself of your company or AI system to show your willingness to consider its downsides without changing anything. See audit.
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I notice more often now that when something 'screws up' , there is usually a 'contractor' around who wasn't following 'protocol'. The solution has been that the business agreement has been 'terminated', thus making everyone feel more secure and welcome using the service.
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256bits said:
there is usually a 'contractor'

You just need to train a classifier on ethical and unethical ... .

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The bitter biting rapier-like wit of the authors obscures fundamental problems. Can one expect ethical behavior without morality? How do we replace morals based on superstition and tradition with reason?
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