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    Does anyone know of any good guides on getting the most out of the programs that typically come with Microsoft Office? And not things like "How do I make a chart?", but something a little more advanced like a sort of "mail merge" between data on a spreadsheet and a word document "template". For example last week I wanted to create current grade printouts for my students which involved having a word document where I could put their name and a little guide to calculating their grade. However I had to manually copy and paste the row of grades from the excel spreadsheet I have and print them 1 by 1. What a pain.

    Are there any guides to really getting the most out of programs like these? Hmm, a guide to powerpoint would be nice too... putting videos on a power point reliably.. I like that idea too! I notice so many options in all these programs yet I have no idea how to use them...

    Microsofts help isn't of much use...
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  3. google is normally the best thing for problems like mail merge

    This is probably not what you want, but I have found that its just best to mess around on each program and google each point that you need help with. Either that or use the help & tutorials that come with office.
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    Does anyone know how to calculate the area under a curve in Excel? I want some method that would give me a more precise answer than this 1(this uses Trendline Equation to calcuate it!)
  5. Should be not that difficult to generate a function for that, as I did here in the d-column. This calculates the area exactly, when assuming that there is a straight line in between the datapoints

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