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Guilty pleasures redux

  1. Jan 18, 2016 #1
    Ok, it finally happened. After years of fighting it with much intensity, they wore me down. I now have to say that I do like Dr. Phil and Nancy Grace. I thought I'd never say this, maybe it's "Stockholm syndrome," but I find myself being fascinated with the smut and muck they rake.

    I didn't sign up for this, I don't know if I really even want it, but when you cut the cord, get a Netflix subscription, buy a $100 Ariel antenna from Walmart and mount it on your roof, maybe that's what's in store for you..
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    Judge Judy. AKA "welfare TV".
    Watchin' it even as I type this.
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    I want to b*tchslap Nancy Grace. :oldbiggrin:
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