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Guilty Pleasures

  1. Apr 20, 2003 #1
    Okay, we're all friends here right?

    Let's just lay it on the table....

    What songs do you enjoy hearing but would be way too embarrassed to ever admit to liking?

    You know what songs I'm talking about. The ones that come on the radio as the cheesy song of the hour when you're driving your car but conviently you don't switch the station!

    I'll go first... What is Love? by Haddaway. There, I said it! Are you happy? Quit laughing.

    Okay, now it's your turn.

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  3. Apr 20, 2003 #2
    Anything by Neil Diamond!
  4. Apr 20, 2003 #3
    Okay this is super embarassing but its kinda funny. Most my friends and i are into punk rock and music like that (good charlotte blink 182 etc..) and so one day my friend and i are driving home from school listening to the radio and one of those pop/country/girl songs comes on. i can't think right now what its called but it was kind of like "so something something so something something so something something, so sure the sky is blue, baby i love you" We both kinda froze up for a second and were like "uhmmm," so in the end we both start singing to the song as he turns up the volume. it was hillarious (seriously it was exactly like that scene in tommy boy if you know what I'm talking about). For some reason I'm a sucker for a few of the upbeat pop/country songs by girl singers, and its incredibly embarasing, untill you find out that most the other people are too becuase they keep playing them on our punk radio station.
  5. Apr 20, 2003 #4
    haha, did you ever see that movie "Night at the Roxbury" That movie came out when one of my friends brother was marrying our other friends sister (who happened to live next door) Anyway after the wedding at the reception my friend whose sister just got married comes out with a ghetto blaster and yells "no brother don't go" and starts blasting that song while nodding his head to the side. Me and my other friend couldn't stop laughing while no one else got the joke and just kind of looked at us like "what the heck is wrong with them."
  6. Apr 20, 2003 #5
    I will be brave and tell of my wonderous love for the song, "Elmo's World"!!! I hope no one who knows me sees this....
    One day, I watched Seasame Street, and the next thing I know, Elmo's World comes on!! The theme song has been stuck in my head ever since: (I haven't memorized it all...)
    "That's Elmo's World!
    Elmos loves his gold fish, his crayon too!
    That's Elmos World!"

    Okay, you guys can tease me. I don't mind.
  7. Apr 20, 2003 #6
    well the most embarking experience i ever had of that sort was when i was turning a corner and i was haveing a good time mimicking Axle Rose while singing along to "Nocking on Heaven's Door" and i looked over and made eye contact with this really pretty jogger and she was grinning from ear to ear, i felt so busted. generally i tend to listen to oldies radio sometimes and every once and a while i will catch myself groovin' to the Beach Boys, they are cheesy as can be but some of their stuff is just really catchy.
  8. Apr 20, 2003 #7
    :) All those cheesy 80's songs of my childhood, like "What is Love." Yknow... You Spin Me Round (Like a Record), 99 Red Balloons, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Walk Like an Egyptian. At times I've even been known to listen to a Sarah McLachlan song or two, but I would never, ever admit that to anyone in real life.
  9. Apr 20, 2003 #8
    I have a few kiddie metal cds - sum41, alien ant farm and the like.

    Very embarassing.
  10. Apr 20, 2003 #9
    <looks both ways and whispers "Metallica">
  11. Apr 20, 2003 #10
    alien ant farm?? lol, what's that about?
  12. Apr 20, 2003 #11
    Hey, Alien Ant Farm is a good band!

    Anyway, I hate admiting this, but in the spirit of fun, I love "Remember Me This Way" by Jordan Hill. I'm often seen as the Disturbed, Creed, etc type, but I just happen to like that song. Oh yeah, and "Hero" by Mariah Carey (where the heck's the "embarrased" smilie?).
  13. Apr 20, 2003 #12
    Its hard to admit, but i like a of Weird Al's songs. And I can't wait for his next album, Poodle hat, to come out
  14. Apr 20, 2003 #13
    Okay, you guys! I have the most embarassing confession so far! (For some reason I'm actually proud!)
  15. Apr 20, 2003 #14
    crappy adult top 40 from the early 90's.

    it's just because my mother listened to it all the time in the car and so i know all these songs that i would otherwise not be caught dead listening to.

    any one remember "House of Stone and Glass" or something like that?
  16. Apr 21, 2003 #15
    Hey, I like Weird Al too. Some of it's really stupid, but some of it's pretty good (funny too).
  17. Apr 21, 2003 #16
    You mean "House of Stone and Light"? I don't like it, but my brother does. In fact, my brother likes pretty much every song that I think of as lame. I wonder if he does it just to tick me off...
  18. Apr 21, 2003 #17
    I like Duran Duran. Is that bad or not? I watched the 60s movie Barbarella with Jane Fonda in which the evildoer is Duran Duran, from which the band got its name. Barbarella is great.
  19. Apr 22, 2003 #18
    mmm, i just got back from the australian national folk festival where i spent 4 days indulging in my little guilty pleasure... BLUEGRASS!!! oh i dunno, banjos just send shivers down my spine, the good kind of shiver that is :wink:
    i think my friends have given up on me and my sick little obsession but i just don't care! yeehaw!
  20. Apr 22, 2003 #19
    Probably my most guilty pleasure is "When Doves Cry," by Prince. Next to this would be a recent song by Gwen Stefani and No Doubt (I can't think of the name, but the rythym is haunting and infectuous; actually that's what I like about Prince's song too).
  21. Apr 22, 2003 #20
    Do you mean "Underneath It All", by No Doubt?
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