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Guitar Songs

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    Im learning to play the guitar, have a really nice sounding spanish acoustic guitar by gb&a. I can play chords pretty well, and play some leads too, but I dont know what songs to move on to. Ive been able to play dance of death (a little slow on the leads), stairway to heaven, wish you were here, but dont know what else to play. Any suggestions as to what to move on to next?
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    Free Bird
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    OMG, thats the most common response. Just go to a tab website and search the name of a musician you like. Eric Clapton has plenty of great acoustic stuff.
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    Free Bird... whom is it by?
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    I think the first song I learned to play on the guitar was "Knockin' On Heaven's Door". Any early Dylan or Leonard Cohen is great.

    Whatever music you like to listen to is a great way to start.
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    Lynyrd Skynyrd
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    George Jones

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    Smoke on the water, duh! :tongue2:

    I just bought myself a bass guitar. I've always wanted one and decided it would be a birthday gift to myself. As expected, I suck at it... but it's fun.
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    :smile: Yeah. I learned to play smoke on the water a while ago. I love playing the lead, but Im just not fast enough for it to sound right. Love GnR, knocking on heavens door is amazing! GnR is outta this world...
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    Thank you! The notes really help.
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    You should get an electric, I know some really cool songs for that.
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    Ive got an electric too, just dont have a processor. A basic amp and speaker...
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    Even basic amps should have a distortion channel on them. My crappy $50 amp has one.
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    Anything by the Gipsy Kings!

    Djobi, Djoba is a personal favorite.
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    I just about spit my coffee on my screen.
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    Lol. That was supposed to be a joke.

    acoustic: My Name is Jonas

    electric: (It depends if you can shred or not) Dragonforce has some pretty challenging shredding songs. The beginning of Through the Fire and Flames has some acoustic in it as well. It all depends on how well you can tremello pick and shred.

    If you want a REAL challenge on electric, start listening to Steve Vai.
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    Steve Vai? I probably sound so green, Id give broccoli competition.
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