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Homework Help: Guitar string standing wave

  1. Dec 1, 2006 #1
    A nylon guitar string has a linear density of 9.0 g/m and is under a tension of 180.0 N. The fixed supports are L = 80.0 cm apart. The string is oscillating in the standing wave pattern shown in the figure. Calculate the speed of the traveling waves whose superposition gives this standing wave. (m/s)

    The speed I calculated to be v=sqrt(T/u) = 141 m/s and I know this is right

    Calculate the wavelength of the traveling waves whose superposition gives this standing wave. (m)

    There are several equations I have been looking at to try and figure out the wavelength. v=lambda(f) but I don't have f.
    k=2pi/lambda but I don't have k. I thought that maybe 0.8m would be considered x and use a sinusoidal equation but I still am lacking the amplitude and w. I just need some guidance on this problem.
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    Doc Al

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    You can figure out the wavelength by studying the pattern. Hint: Count the nodes/antinodes.
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