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Guitar string tuning

  1. May 3, 2006 #1
    Ok so Ive tried lots of searching ...but... it doesn't seem to hone in on my thinking which isss...

    I play bass guitar and different people have different views on how much to stretch their strings to attain alevel where their style of play wil allow the strings to bend and sound great whilst staying in tune .

    Is this a worthy calculation to investigate :confused:

    allowing for thousands of different string Makes and guitar makes etc
    it may be fun to pick one and do some investigation :rolleyes:

    It may have been done or maybe not but I hope someone thinks its worth a go ,bear in mind that any numbers or theory will go STRAIGHT over my head but hey ho

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    I'm going to reply under the assumption that you are considering how much one should stretch their guitar strings before tuning thier guitar.

    It sounds like a good idea. Look at the correlation between different gauges, distance stretched, and the length of time the string stays in tune. Sounds like a great experiment.

    If you find a correlation, let me know.

    Paden Roder
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    I would guess that as long as the string preloaded tension (while it is in tune) is still in the elastic range of the material, then there should be no change in pitch after bending, since the string will return to its preloaded tension after bending. It makes sense then, that a thicker set of strings would be more robust than a thinner set. This is just an assumption based on my knowledge of material properties and i am not aware of any actual studies on this.
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