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Gustav Robert Kirchoff

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    Help, please? What is the correct spelling for the last name of Gustav Robert Kirchoff (Kirchhoff? Kirschoff?) Thank you!
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    Kirchhoff is the right spelling of the name :)
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    You could probably refer to net or probably a book, this is a bad place to post the question.
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    The problem is that you could refer to four books, and get four different answers.

    Their is no right spelling of the name (in english) because his name is spelled using a non-english alphabet. The spelling can only be "right" in the phonetic sense. The bottom line is that the answer depends on the translation conventions of the time, so books printed in different years use different conventions.

    I have found a similar situation applies to Chebyshev and Schlaefli, as well as many others I am sure.
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