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Gustave the 25 foot crocodile

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    Has anyone heard of this story which is the basis of the plot in the upcoming movie Primeval? The trailer portrays a story of a serial killer, and from the title, it seems that it or he is half animal and half human...well, it's actually a crocodile. A BBC article quotes a French naturalist claiming that it is unable to catch fish and other small prey and that the croc hasn't been caught for sometime, years. Such a beast would be easy to spot and slow enough to kill with enough people aiding the hunt so this proclaimation seems to either be a exaggerated myth (if the reports are true, Gustave would be even greater in size then the largest recorded salt water crocodile), and even if it's a "phenomenon" (as the French man claims) it's apparent ability to completely manipulate the people would suggest that the inhabitants are immensely stupid.
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    The problem is that the crocodile is protected under the law, and therefore we cannot kill it without risking years of jail time.
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    been doing a little research on gustave, After seeing the primeval movie I got excited about him and created a website. Anyone have any other info about the crocodile gustave?
    O by the way here is my site
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    National Geographic did a special on him. This guy kills hippos! And he even has a series of machine gun scars along one of his sides.
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    I saw that show, and he is BIG.
    The tried to catch him in special cage, but caught smaller crocs. I think then they almost got him, but the cage was moved out of position or destroyed.
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    Crocodiles (even large ones) aren't likely to be slow. Their lurk & strike style of predation is well-served by the ability to close short distances very quickly.

    That said, the tricky part of capturing a particular crocodile isn't the speed, but finding it. The infamous Reggie (an alligator rather than crocodile) avoided capture efforts for 650 days in Los Angeles.
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    Also, they are extremely suspicious creatures. When naturalists in Burundi were trying to catch him, their traps caught only the younger, more inexperienced crocs. At one point, a large cage was built and a goat? was roped inside. Cameras showed various crocs passing by all night with nothing more than glances, much to the relief of the goat. Well, eventually a storm interfered and the next day the goat was gone; as a free goat or a free meal, no one knew.
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    All I know is I wouldn't want to meet him. It almost freaks me out when I see people swimming in croc infested waters! :eek:
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    Well in parts of Africa, the river is a source, or the source of water. Clothes are washed in the river, transportation is by boat, and the river is a source of food - fish. Crocs just have to wait underwater until some unsuspecting animal or person comes to the river bank, and then the croc lunges and grabs the victim in its mouth.

    The same happens in Australia and S.E Asia, where both saltwater and freshwater crocs live.


    Pictures of salties.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Wow! Look at the hit rate on this thread. :surprised
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    The particular area in which Gustave"lives" in Africa is where a lot of dead bodies were dumped because of a war that is going on still.His feeding on the bodies have led to his immense size and his taste for human flesh and blood.Although his size is exagerrated,he is estimated at about 20.5 feet long.He is between 60-65 years old and has reached full maturity.Although looked upon as a mythical figure he probably has killed around 200 people.He is extremely cautious and doesnt stay in one place for very long.A voratious eater,he has been known to take down full size hippos.Although he is aguably the largest reptile on the planet,a mud print of an enormous salt water croc was measured in Australia recently and although not %100 accurate,it was estimated at about 22 feet in length.Even though his size and age limit his movements,he is extremely volotile and aggressive when he comes to shore to mate.To put it lightly,Gustave is a complete badass that should never be F'd with.
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    Gustave is beautiful!
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    i need to know if he is still alive i have been following gustave for years
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    ineed to know if my croc is still alive i have been followin him for years
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    He's alive and well.

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    I've heard rumors about Gustave... you know those bird things that eat meat left in crocs' mouths?? Well, I heard that Gustave had one in his mouth...and in like 4 seconds of it being in his mouth...his jaws SLAMMED shut...that is just unnatural. I also heard that Gustave ate a baby elephant off the banks of the Rusizi... Has a Croc Ever Done That Before????????????????? I don't think so...
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