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Guy Fawkes night

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    Do any americans here celibrate guy fawkes night:


    Basically it was a catholic uprising against the mainly protestant goverment in England 400 years ago.. Every year in the UK on the 5th of november there are huge firework displays and bonfires, to celibrate the fact that the plot wasnt successful
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    No, we don't. But several years ago I had some friends from the UK here and we had a giant bon fire, and drank way too much beer. I was hopeing a tradition would start, but it just didn't seem to catch on here.
    Hope all my friends in the UK enjoy the night!
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    I should add that this isn't because of some anti-catholic thing in British society but mainly it's just a good excuse to let off explosives :biggrin:
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    It could be we once did, but it would probably be kind of hypocritical now, in light of our own later revolt against the British government.
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