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News Guy is coming around to us lefties

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    Personally I think the guy is coming around to us lefties, he's just too shy to admit it yet. :biggrin:

    What do you think?
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    I dunno. It's like trying to make a gay person straight. :rofl:

    Seriously, people in general will move from the right to the left with more education (in science, humanities, etc., not so much business, engineering, etc.), with travel abroad (not in the military), through experiencing/seeing economic hardships, and other factors like gender, religion, etc.

    IMO ultimately one must be spiritual enough to sense things, like intuition or an instinct if you will. Perhaps it's a trait that will become increasingly prevalent as humans continue to evolve into more superior beings (assuming the more primitive militant types don't destroy the Earth first).
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    Conversely, they tend to move from left to right with age...
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    Nonsense, Pengwuino is like Luke Skywalker. Darth Vader may tempt him to join the dark side, but he'll resist. :biggrin:

    (Never mind that Annakin was successfully lured to the dark side; remember he turned back to the good side at the end. 'Course, when you think about it, maybe Annakin just flip-flops more often than John Kerry) :rofl:
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    First of all, I believe Pengwuino is absorbing the knowledge (as am I). I don't like to say that I lean to the left, but the left is where I share a lot of my common beliefs today. So it doesn't really matter whether he decides to convert or not... as long as the understanding is there.
    yeSOS, I agree... I am a convert myself... violence & conspiracy was my old hat... with both, they are bound to bite you back... therefore as life lessons learned, international travel (not just resorts & shopping), and being disenfranchised with corporate jobs... i realized that you like the system and the game as long as you are moving in the right direction in it (up). And as we overextend ourselves, we need to maintain a lie to some degree to uphold what we've built (sorta like the state of America as I've just read from another thread)... today, the freedom of honesty is more freedom and less frustration than I've ever had in my life... the only frustration I have is reading posts from individuals not willing to open their eyes (or give up their lies). :rolleyes:

    Like iron filings to a magnet... intelligence is drawn to truth. :biggrin:
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