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Homework Help: Guy on a swing, given angle

  1. Mar 13, 2012 #1
    A rope has a max tension of 800N.

    A swinger is pulled back so that the rope is 27 degrees from vertical.

    What's the max mass of the swinger?

    Ok... I have tried a few approaches. I can't relate potential to kinetic because I am not given height. And even if i could get to kinetic, i don't know mass!

    I figure that tension must be able to support weight and apply the centripetal force,

    T=mg + mv^2/r

    But I have no r.. no length, no v.. what's the key?
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    Hi 1MileCrash! :smile:

    Call the length "r" and the mass "m" …

    they'll cancel out in the end! :wink:
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