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Gyro is weird

  1. Feb 3, 2010 #1
    Gyro seems to weird when i think abt it using the transport theorem.
    i mean for a spinning dish, symmetric one,
    {Total moments acting on it} = Hdot + w x H --- (1)
    where H is the angular moment of the dish, w is its angular velocity.

    then when i consider that it spins inside a box.
    when u lift it and alter the direction, u will FEEL that sth is acting aginst u.
    but how it can be quantified by transport theorem?
    {Total moments acting on box + dish} = H'dot + w' x H' --- (2)
    where H' is the angular momentum of the box + dish,
    as well as the w'.
    how to put (1) into (2)?... perhaps im not thinking straight :confused:

    please enlighten me.
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