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Homework Help: Gyro Rotor Question. Can't figure it out Need help tonight if possible

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    Gyro Rotor Question. Can't figure it out!!! Need help tonight if possible!!!

    I am taking a dynamics class which is reallly difficult. Ive been able to solve all of the problems but this one. Can anyone help me by tonight?

    A rotor mounted in bearings spins about a horizontal axis as shown. The assembly is rigidly attached to a space vehicle. At an instant of interest the space vehicle undergoes a slow rotation about a vertical axis. Determine the bearing reactions at A and B (specify magnitude and direction). WHat is the moment exerted on the space vehicle by the rotor assembly? Assume any needed physical properties are given. There is no gravity.

    The vertical axis is spinning counter clockwise while the horizontal axis where the rotor is at spins counter clockwise as well.

    It looks similar to this


    The parenthesis are the rotor and the x is where the reactions will be.

    Can anyone help?
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    Well I think I figured it out. I would still like to see ways people solve it if anyone knows how. Thanks.
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