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Gyromagnetic Ratio

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    What is the gyromagnetic ratio of quarks and gluons ? Does the ratio differs between antiquarks and quarks ?
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    Meir Achuz

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    Gluons have no magnetic moment, so the gyromangetic ratio is zero.
    The gyromagnetic mooment of quarks depends on the model of a quark, which is still open for speculation. For point, Dirac-like quarks the gyromagnetic ratio would equal 2, with the same type of small correction like that for an electron or muon. If quarks have a different anomalous moment (like protons do), then the GR depends on the particular model.
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    By the same token, Z boson and neutrino has GR = 0 since it's neutral, right ?
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    Not because they are neutral, but because they have no mag moment.
    The neutron is neutral, but has a mag moment and a GR.
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    To see whether they would have the same or different gyromagnetic ration, you need to see if they obey the same or different symmetries.
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    What do you mean ?
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