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Gyroscope: Calculating Torque

  1. Nov 25, 2014 #1
    I am a college student currently working on a physics project involving gyroscopes. Using the equation below (taken from Wikipedia), am I correct in assuming that dL/dt is the torque of the flywheel and that ω x L is the torque of the gyroscope around the axis of precession?

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    Simon Bridge

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    Did you try a dimensional analysis to check?
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    I know Simon Bridge probably did not want to give away the problem and suggested you try dimensional analysis. I will try another tack. Perhaps you can consider whether the reference frame for the "total derivative" term on the right of the first equal sign is related to the reference frame where the torque is equal to the sum of terms on the left of the first equal sign. Is one reference frame inertial? Is one fixed in the body?
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