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Gyroscope for SUV roll protection

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    A gyroscope of a certain size is mounted midship of an SUV of about 2100 lbs, and the gyroscope was setup to accelerate if this SUV accelerated. Now normally if a SUV makes a 90 degree turn past 35 miles per hour the driver looses control and or the vehicle rolls over.

    How fast would this gyroscope have to rotate to keep a SUV from rolling over if it takes a 90 degree turn at 65 miles per hour ? Also is it possible for a gyroscope spinning at a great speed be able to keep this 2100 lb SUV from loosing control or rolling ? Dymium,
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    You need to say how massive the gyroscope is, and how its mass is distributed.

    In principle such gyro stabilisation could work, but I doubt it would be practical.
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