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Gyroscopic particle

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    I have some questions about this gyroscopic particle, and if it really exists?
    Joseph Newman the physicist has this theory about ever particle is gyroscopic and that we can harness the energy from, and uses Einstein's fomula E=mc^2, which I don't understand at all.
    And "can something be created from nothing?", as in the equation.
    I've searched around google, but I guess I'll have to do some more research to find anything about this. Just wondering if anyone believes in this?
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    Joe Newman is NOT a physicist. He is a crackpot who is trying to sell his "machines" that supposedly can created more energy that what you put in for the past several years (where are they being used now).

    I highly recommend you read Robert Park's (who IS a senior physicist at the University of Maryland) book "Voodoo Science". He has chronicled Joe Newman's fradulent claims and how the popular media has bought into it.


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