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Gyroscopic space-drive

  1. Jul 25, 2005 #1
    How would a gyroscopic space-drive function/do?
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    As far as we know, it wouldn't work.
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    A gyroscope can't be used as a drive for a spaceship, they produce no propulsion. (GyroDrive sounds cool, but it's nonsense.)

    That said, gyroscopes can be used to stabilize space ships (to eliminate unwanted spin) and are currently used in airplanes and missiles for that purpose.
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    Okay let's say the laws of physics allowed a space-drive to function.Then how would it work?
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    hehe....lets say the laws of physics aren't true. how would the laws of physics say it works...nice...
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    If we don't have to obey reality, it would, of course, work however you want it to work. :uhh:
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    Quite avoiding the question.
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    Face it like a man :mad: :biggrin:
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    If pigs could fly, how would they?
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    Ha ha ha very funny
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    Bloody hell, aviator! Can't you take a hint? :grumpy:
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    You beat me to it, my transatlantic symbyote!
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    Oh forget it.
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    If I could flap my arms and fly, how fast would I go? [insert terminal velocity joke here]
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    no, it wasn't
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