H- bridge selection problems

  1. Hi, I am in the market for an H-bridge IC to power 12V 3.6A through. This is the circuit.
    Do you know where I could get an H-bridge like the one in the diagram? so I can power a bigger load and use 12V 3.6A. I seriously Googled this like a mad man and I'd like your input.
    Even If you tell me to scrap the idea and try a beater method. Thanks
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  3. Other than a high power motor shield - try L6203 - be sure to use a heatsink. The chip in your example is an H bridge with driver - as you move up in power the MOSFET and Drivers may become seperate - but there should be others similar to the L6203 in this power level.

    Also Sparkfun has some forum posts on similar items - L298N for example.
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  4. Try the motor drivers offered by Digikey. You can narrow it down with the filters. I found one that can do what you want but it comes in a ZIP package. That's a 1.27 mm picth which will be hard to get into a breadboard because you'll have to twist the pins a little. There are many more options but I couldn't find a DIP package that is in stock.
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