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Homework Help: H.E.L.P DC motor , Acc, velocity (Achieving fastest speed and reducing clashing)

  1. Dec 2, 2008 #1

    can anyone refer ot my problem: I have a dc motor drive a bracket of 3 kg rotating 180 Anticlockwise

    My question Is what is the best velocity and acceleration to achieve fastest speed and minimizing the overturn of the

    #1If I set the Velocity higher than the acceleration such as
    V= 1800 m /s
    A= 3000 m /s^2

    My assumption it will bang after exceed the alumunium rotated 90 degree due to body weight and gravity.

    #2 if set Velocity equal to acceleration
    V= 1800 m / s
    Acc=1800 m /s ^2

    My assumption: it will bang however is it smoother.

    #3 what if
    V = 1800
    Acc= 1000

    Do you think motor will maintain it 1000 m /s ^2

    And do you think it cushion the clashing of the bracket to the ground

    #4 can you advice me the best way to reduce clashing to the ground and had fast speed to reach the ground
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