H2o2 catalyst safety question

  1. Hello, I will be experimenting with hydrogen peroxide from 5-60% concentrations and small amounts of alkaline metals to measure how much gas is produced in under 5 min. I understand that hydrogen peroxide is a dangerous chemical if not handled right. My question is that on the MSDS it says that it gives off a vapor that is harmful if inhaled, has anyone had any experience with this (like tips) and is this something I should take extreme precaution with or will I be okay if I have a well ventilated area? (outdoors)

    Also on a side note if the hydrogen peroxide vapor is harmful will the gas from decomposition be just as harmful or not harmful at all?
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    For me your question shows you should not do these experiments, as they are too dangerous for your level of knowledge and experience.
  4. Well no offense but we all need to start somewhere to gain the knowledge and experience. I have already experimented several times with h2o2 using up to 10% concentration. From those experiments I have determined that when it decomposes it only produces steam (water, heat) and oxygen. What I'm trying to understand is that before I start with more concentrations is there any thing else it could make this harmful inhalation wise?
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    Yes, you have to start somewhere, but scaling up dangerous experiments without a LOT of experience is a bad idea. Sorry, this is a dangerous activity, I am locking the thread.

    Please read chemistry forum rules.
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