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H2O2 question

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    ok, my friend and i were riding bikes, when he fell, getting scrapped up knees, and a scraped chest when he hit the handlebars with his rib. he was able to ride to my house (1.5 km). when he got there, we cleaned his wounds with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and bandaged them. then, he got woozy, and couldn't see to well, also complained that stuff was turning purple. his ears were ringing, too. he asked for water, and had about 2 liters. then, 5 minutes after it started, it was over and he was just worn out, but that's all. he said that he never hit his head. could he have been dehydrated, could it be internal injury, or could it be the fact that we forgot about the warning about using H2O2 over a large area of the body/deep cuts?


    P.S. i'm not a crazy mass-murderer, like you may have thought in the "dispose of a dead body" thread, i just have a dark sense of humor.
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    Any one that uses a number for a handle must be iffy. :biggrin:
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    Using hydrogen peroxide topically (externally) would not cause someone to feel the way your friend was feeling.

    It is possible from the exertion your friend was somewhat dehydrated, especially it is hot and your friend was perspiring. Also, simply increasing body temperature may cause that effect, as well as some trauma due to the injury.

    Even if your friend's head did not hit the ground (or pavement), the head will receive some force from the body hitting the ground.

    Any muscle damage may release some potassium to the blood stream, and this could also have an effect.

    Keep an eye on your friend. People with internal bleeding will feel thirsty if blood loss is sufficient.

    During hot summer months, it is best to acclimatize one's body to the heat gradually, especially if one is accustomed to being in-doors with air-conditioning. It is also a good idea to drink something like Gatorade or equivalent drink which contains the right balance of electrolytes (both Na and K), as well as some sugars.
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    Yeah, since he hit his chest, keep an eye on him and make sure he isn't more seriously injured than he's letting on. But, other than that, he could have just been rattled by the fall and the wooziness was a response to the adrenaline combined with some overexertion.
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    thanks all. i won't see him again until tommorow or the day after, so i don't know how he is doing right now. his mom's a nurse, so i think that she knows more about medical stuff than I.

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    And he told her what happened, right? Otherwise she might not know to keep an eye on him.
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    its kinda hard to miss
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