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Ha! Just noticed this one

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    Daniel Schoch, "Gods as Topological Invariants",

    Abstract: We show that the number of gods in a universe must equal the Euler
    characteristics of its underlying manifold. By incorporating the classical
    cosmological argument for creation, this result builds a bridge between
    theology and physics and makes theism a testable hypothesis. Theological
    implications are profound since the theorem gives us new insights in the
    topological structure of heavens and hells. Recent astronomical observations
    can not reject theism, but data are slightly in favor of atheism.

    (Yes -- it's 1-Apr.)
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    The proof of the main theorem will fail in quantum theology.
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    This one was submitted on Apr 2 (not Apr 1). Does it mean that such papers can be submitted at any time?
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    there's a huge number of papers uploaded everyday which are (unintentionally ;-) rather close to April fool hoaxes;
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