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Habitable zone and Tidal Lock

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    I am new and would like some help. I have two questions for a shout out.

    1) I need some info to help detirmine the Habitable Zone of a paticular star. I think that JF Kasting propsed some kind of equation but I cant find anymore info on it. I dont really need the equation per say just data on the breadth of the HZ and its distance from the star. I need info for all classes F to M.

    2)Along the same lines. When talking about habitablilty around M class stars the subject of tidal lock comes up. Is there an equation to represent under what circumstances this could occur. (Again, I don't accually need the equation if there is a general rule of thumb or published data table.)

    Thanks for your help.
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    You might want to check out Cal State's "Worldbuilder" website


    Some specfic links from this web site (the first isn't from calstate, but is linked from the above website, and has info on both your questions)


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