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Hack administrator password

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    can anybody guide me to hack administrator password[resetin or alterin], since my brother is havin administrator rights accessing all the files... im usin windows 2000 platform.. can this be done using registry?
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    you can reset the password for admin with knoppix...
    see instructions here:

    to recover the admin password you just need to get the SAM file in the window/system32/config folder and crack it using LophtCrack.
    (more info on SAM here: http://www.secguru.com/sam_0wn3d_how_to_crack_sam_files_and_own_windows [Broken])

    you could also take a look here: http://home.eunet.no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd/

    Caution: If used on users that have EFS encrypted files, and the system is XP or later service packs on W2K, all encrypted files for that user will be UNREADABLE! and cannot be recovered unless you remember the old password again.
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