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Hacking an Old Chiller

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    I'm considering using an old chiller for a research project. It's a simple application, maintaining a bath of water at various constant or slowly varying temperatures. Unfortunately, since it's an http://www.thermo.com/com/cda/product/detail/1,,1000001155238,00.html", it doesn't have any computer interfaces built in (I know that some of those models had an RS-232 interface... sadly mine doesn't).

    It does have an electronic interface on the front cover, though, and the temperature is controlled by pressing two buttons, using an installed PID controller. Is it possible to use something like Labview with a simple DAQ board (digital and analog I/O available) and an external thermometer to just mimic the pushing of those buttons? Is this more complicated than I am imagining?

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    The temperature sensor would not have to be changed. You could probably change the PID controller set-point with some sort of "ramp and hold" circuit (maybe Labview). I'd say try and see.
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