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Hacking the Female Mind

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    Recently, I was sent a SPAM entitled learn the kiss test. Apparently, these people believe they have a universal algorithm for determining the right time to kiss a girl. Although, I believe there exists a certain algorithm for getting intimate with any female, I believe all females are unique. Therefore, there is not a universal algorithm which applies to all.

    Some females may require nothing more than a flattering compliment launched at a precise moment in time while others may require years of dating followed by a wedding. I suppose the real trick isn't so much about finding the right code as it is finding the right girl who will be subdued by the code that you tend to use.

    For me, I always look for girls who look for me first. If I am in a public place, and I notice that a girl keeps making eyes at me, then that is the girl I pursue. I always make certain that in every situation I face, I have the upper-hand from the beginning. I think that life is easier when the girl you are with likes you more than you like her.

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    That's interesting because a female friend of mine said <not verbatim>: "I think it's easier when the guy likes you more then you lke the guy."

    Perhaps it's subjective?
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    No, she is also right.

    A relationship is always easier when the person you are with likes you more than you like him/her. It is easier when you are the cool one. It is easier when you are the sexy one. It is easier when you are the one who gets called rather than the one who makes the calls. It is when you are the one who climaxes second rather than first.

    These are just facts of life.

    Trust me, in terms of physical appearance, I would rather date a six or seven who actually likes me than a perfect ten who thinks she is God's gift to mankind anyday. Or, let me put this another way... I would never go for one of MSI's blah girls.

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    Then I guess the "ideal" relationship is one where both parties feel that they are the ones that are "liked more".

    But in reality, is that possible? If not, psychological?
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    How often, in nature, do you find exactly matched quantities from two independent variables?

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    You bring up a point I was about to mention but not only that, how would you measure "feeling" in quantitaive terms?

    But I'm digressing from the original topic.
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    If you could seperate one variable (not possible as there are many multi facets when dealing with emotion), then I suppose you could apply a linear scale to it. You would need a 0 and a 1, and all other events could be given a number through interpolation or extrapolation.

    I think that I would prefer a 10 who was up herself to a 6 who was obsessed with me. However, I would prefer a 9 who was obsessed with me over both.
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    Perhaps there are some chemical reactions going on within the girl?
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    So this is what happens when nerds like us speak nerd in reference to females? I've never heard a conversation of this caliber before.
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    OK, I think I have the formula:

    y = mx+b*ln|ve^(bt)-v+1| -ln| (1-v)/e^(bt) + v / ( P*e^(r*t) )

    .. oh, wait, that's just a bunch of useless gibberish

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    I don't think anyone can hack into a female mind.
    Let the females hack your mind, it's easier...I think...
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    I hope it's not scary.........
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    I have heard it said that the one who loves the least controls the realtionship.
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    In order for a relationship to function it needs to be more good than bad for both of the people in the relationship. The magic ratio of subjective goodness to badness seems to be about 5 to 1. (This is BTW a result of empirical studies.)

    For hacking approaches to females, you can look up 'speed seduction', 'sarging', or 'neuro linguistic programming' on google. Take all of it with a grain of salt.
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    Females are very intuitive. They can hack your mind. They're a natural lie detector test without having gone through the FBI or CIA. So don't even think of trying to sell her a whopper because she will detect the subtle changes in your story the second time you say it.

    Good, this is what you call a Challenge. Women like it more if they're the one who are doing the chasing. And if she thinks that she likes you more.
  18. Dec 12, 2003 #17

    It sounds to me like you are referring to another species. How funny. Don't any women post on these forums? (This is my first Physics Forums foray, and I've only looked at a few threads so far. I'm actually quite pleased to discover you can preview your post, because I've never used any of these HTML-like codelet things before.)
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    Welcome to the forums, geek.grrl (did I spell that right?). Several of the posters here are women, check out the biology board where Monique rules, and there are others. Not me though. My daughter got her undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering.

    In addition to the HTML tags we have LaTex here (said he proudly). Don't forget to check it out.
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    But aren't women from Venus?
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