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Had a question about a equation!

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    if photons were postulated to be anti energy.and spacetime was energy from normal matter that charged spacetime when a stars matter hit the singularity and was coverted into energy.photons would have constant anti energy charge that did'nt change.spacetime would have a charge relavent to the amount of energy in the star that collapsed.so light speed would be caused by anti energy repelling against spacetime.so c=at.you get this by using f=ma.replace the force f with at.you get at=ma.since a photons speed is known you make a=c.so you get at=mc.also since photons have no rest mass m=0 so it drops out.you get c=at.or if you wait to make m=0 and rearrange the equation first you get,at/c=m.then you make m=0.then you get at/c.so you have two solutions.so you get a^2t^2=c^2.if you replace c in relativity e=mc^2 with at you'd get e=ma^2t^2.or if you or you make it e=ma^2t^2/c^2.you also get e/a^2=mt^2,e/ma^2=t^2e/mt^2=a^2.how would the math work out in practical applications?
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    When was a photon postulated to be anti-energy? It is postulated that the photon is its own anti-particle, which is entirely different. What this means is that if you solve certain formulas for a particle and end up with a photon, finding the equivalent anti-particle will also yield the photon.

    One last thing, photons DO NOT accelerate. If a photons speed changes, it must cease to exist. ALL photons travel at c in vacuo and they do so without acceleration. If photons did accelerate, they could never achieve light speed.
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