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Hair and nutrition

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    When would I retain more nutrition in my body - when I have more hair or less hair?
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    Hairs are just protein filaments, they don't have an affect on how well your body takes in nutrition. What do you mean when you say nutrition? I have a sense you're using the term incorrectly.
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    More hair or less hair could alter your metabolic rate (the speed of your internal chemistry) but only very slightly - so that your internal temperature is maintained correctly.
    If you overheat you will sweat and if you are cold your body will 'burn' carbohydrates to make heat, either way some nutrients are used up.
    Changes of metabolic rate may result in nutrients which are already in your body being used up more quickly, but I am pretty sure that the body has regulatory systems which compensate by simply absorbing greater amounts of whatever nutrients need replacing from your food.
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    Agree to Ryan
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    Just wanted to ask do the hair on our body consume any protein carbohydrate vitamins minerals etc.
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    Hair is dead stuff and it doesn't consume anything.
    However some proteins and a small amount of other substances will have been used to make the hair.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Hair growth. This does consume body resources - making hair grow longer. If the length of a hair shaft is one millimeter or two meters long - this fact has no impact - AFAIK - on the amount of resources hair will consume to keep on growing.

    The resources for growth are:
    macronutrients -- carbohydrates, fats, protein
    micronutrients -- vitamins, minerals

    All of these are involved in synthesis of keratin. Each hair shaft is a long string of platelike structures of keratin. Keratin is a very tough protein.
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    Please tell me if someone is suffering from hairloss in adulthood then what could be the reason and can it be controlled????
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    Hair loss in males is a normal aging process, though the age it happens at, (and it doesn't happen to every male) varies considerably with individual genetics.
    Changes in hormone levels result in less hair producing cells replacing dead older cell.
    It is possible to culture or transplant new hair producing cells but the procedure is not guaranteed to work in the long term.
    I gather that the chances of success can be improved with additional hormone therapy.
    It's expensive cosmetic therapy though, so generally only accesable to those with a lot of spare money, (rock star come to mind).

    A hat is a good alternative.
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    Males in my family have full heads of hair...our French heritage.
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    thanks but its seems like a heredity problem.
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