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Hair Loss cause and treatment

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    I want to know more about hair loss issue. The basic idea to stop hair loss by knowing the main cause of hair loss. Also provide some valid hair loss treatment available in the market
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    Simon Bridge

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    I was on a treatment on excemption from approval, for a while. It seemed to work, but my ass got fatter, and it was expensive, It supposedly reduced di-hydro-testoterone-levels in head-skin.. "Pro-pecia" it was called. I don't rememer who made it, but they would have made some money.. I decided to quit. I had an accepting girlfriend by then.. Whether it would have worked forever, I don't know.
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    Simon Bridge

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    That's the usual story, and it's the gist of the Embarrassing Bodes episode - there are treatments that can be sort of effective but they are expensive, lots of bother, and the return on investment is small. The causes are fairly well known tho.

    The usual male pattern baldness the various treatments you see on TV are targeting is genetic and it's more that the hair folicles stop making long hair on parts of the head (same mechanism that means you have short hair over most of your body, none on your palms etc. But there are other causes of hair loss so it's a big subject - there's lots of money in it too, so there s lots of research. So far the only effective cheap treatment is to get over it. Lots of guys I know just shave their heads when the thinning shows.
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    I know men that have tried the hair transplant treatments and ended up with no hair, but extensive scarring which was much worse than the balding. They were disfigured.
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