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Hair questions

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    I know hair grows from skin, and about 0.5-1.5 inchs long. do u no any way to stop hair growning. any way that is not harmfull or has side effects now and forever.

    Ok, truthly, I have lot os hair on my body, and it seems like growing more and more. I just want to waer a thin T-shirt going out in summer like everyone. If i cut,shave my body. it looks not good then, i don want to do this.

    thank uu
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    They have laser hair removal, but if you have hair over most of your body, I don't know if it is recommended. They have brochures about it at my doctor's office. Perhaps you could speak to your doctor.
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    There's electrolysis. There's also laser hair removal; that might only be good for up to 10 years though. I'm not sure. I haven't verified whether or not laser hair removal would only be good for up to 10 years....I'm interested in knowing whether or not it would be good for up to 10 years

    Of course there's other methods of hair removal too...like waxing, shaving, etc. Maybe there are permanent or semi-permanent methods of hair removal other than electroylsis and laser hair removal. I wouldn't consider waxing, shaving, etc to be permanent or semi-permanent methods of hair removal though.

    Anyways, I think you should see a doctor or a professional like that and decide (with them) on the hair removal method that would be best for you. Good luck! And I mean don't feel bad...lots of people get upset about things like hair removal and hair in general.
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    thank u u veryone, ur nice people to help me.:biggrin:
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    another question i have for hair is how can i know hair is made of proteine ?????????

    it smells bad when i put a hair on fire? what causes that smell ? thank uu :wink:
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    Certainly. Turn 40.
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