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Hairpin Structure

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    Would you please give me some explanation about DNA's hairpin structure ?
    There is nothing mentioned about this "hairpin" term in my DNA book?

    Please help me, Thank you very much,
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    An hairpin is usually compose of 2 palindromic sequence separated by a certain # of NTP. This spacing usually is in a circular form. The hairpin is also called a spemloop.

    http://cmgm.stanford.edu/biochem/biochem201/Slides/DNA Topology/077 Hairpin Structure.JPG

    The stemloop has different funtion depending on its position in the DNA genome or as RNA. Some hairpin control the stop of RNApolymerase during transcription. This is referred to http://opbs.okstate.edu/~melcher/MG/MGW2/MG2231.html. If the stemloop is in the promotor region then it server as a repressor by blocking the binding of RNA pol to the promotor.

    In RNA, stem loop may prevent degradation or as a tRNA.

    http://www.bio.miami.edu/dana/250/stemloop.jpg [Broken]
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