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Homework Help: Halbach arrays

  1. Jan 26, 2006 #1


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    I have recently stumbled accross Halbach arrays while searching for ideas on creating a uniform magnetic field. The suggested configuration for the halbach array can be seen here:


    (First diagram at the top of the page, Magnetic flux of a Halbach array magnet).

    As you can see the setup relies on cubical shaped magnets. Would it work if I had rectangular Magnadur magnets, and say used 2 (one above another) for the horizontal bit and a single one for the veritcal bit?

    What I mean is:

    =|=|= ... if that helps... 2 magnets horizontally and 1 vertically (so as to produce a nice rectangle over all).

    Would the field generated still be similarly uniform? Cheers on any feedback.
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