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Half-edge data structure in 3D?

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    Hello Everyone

    I'm currently working on a unstructured quadrilateral mesh for a discontinuous galerkin free surface flow model. I use the half-edge data structure in the two dimensional code. Does something like a half-edge or "half-face" three dimensional data structure exist.

    Otherwise which data structure do you prefer for an unstructured mesh of polygons tetrahedrals and quadrilaterals.


    Ole Lindberg, Denmark
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    While I dont know much about your application, I found a reference on the web that suggested a binary tree representation as the most efficient and have attached the reference for you:


    there's a link to a PDF following the abstract that describes the details and is an excerpt from the book they are selling.

    So it looks like the tree is useful as you continue to fracture the surface into smaller and smaller pieces they can be added to the existing node from which they came.
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