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Half H bridge controller

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    Im a second year mechanical engineer at university, we have a group project to design a robot for robot wars. To do this we have to design something called a half H bridge. I have very little understanding of electrical engineering and our electrical engineer has dropped out of uni leaving us to do this alone. Any help designing the circuit would be greatly appreciated.
    The robot will have two motors (12V) that are used to steer (slow down on one wheel to steer type idea)
    The motor controller must be able to go fast, slow, and stop on both motors independently.
    If you need anymore information to work with please let me know
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    we have been given a 7 channel transmitter and receiver linked to a RC airplane remote control, I assume this is what you mean by controlling the system
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    I just want to understand the nature of the signals that will connect to the motor control system. Are there 7 ON/OFF signals? Or analog signals? Or PWM signals? How many are allocated to the motor control, and what do you think they will do. For example, will it be 2 signals for FORWARD/BRAKE and FAST/SLOW to each motor? Or, do you need a freewheel mode? Or, do you have an analog or PWM channel for speed control?

    As far a designing a half-h-bridge, the link I posted shows what it is. Also you can google half-h-bridge motor control and look at images. Ignore the examples with 4 switches (those are full h bridge).
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    honestly I have no idea, i showed the link you posted to the guys in my group and they seem to understand it though so thanks for the help :)
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