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Homework Help: Half harmonic oscillator

  1. Dec 25, 2004 #1
    Why does the half of a harmonic oscillator potential allow only odd values of n?

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    1.What do you mean by "half of a harmonic oscillator"??You should have written the text of the problem so anyone could figure it out... :wink:
    2.Today it's Christmas Day.Leave QM for tomorrow at least... :tongue2: Are u gonna solve QM problems on the New Year's Eve too?? :tongue2:


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    If you mean half of a harmonic oscillator potential where [tex]V(0)=\infty[/tex], then looking at the wave functions for the full harmonic oscillator you can only admit those solutions where [tex]\psi(0)=0[/tex]. That will give you the odd solutions.
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