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Half life tricks

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    I've heard it is possible to play with Half Life making some tricks.

    But all of them requires the presence of the console window. I pulse the key "º" during the game, but no console window is showed. I have seen some people make a shortcut with a direct access to ""C:Half-Life\hl.exe-dev-console" in order to enable the console window. But the computer says to me this archive is unknown. I've searched for it and I've not got it in C:.

    What can I do in order to display the console window?.

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    try this

    From start ,click find/search,files or folders and in the textbox type hl.exe and click find now.
    After it searches you will get some message like
    name in folder
    hl.exe C:\program files\Halflife....\hl.exe

    Type the stuff you found and add -dev-console
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    :blushing: :biggrin: Thanks a lot poolwin2001!!
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