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Half shaft design question

  1. Jan 20, 2012 #1
    I am going to design a half shaft (drive axle) which connects the differential with the wheel hub, the diameter and its material.
    And i have some problems with the forces which act on it.
    I didn't find any book about this topic, i found only lot of books which talk about shaft design in general.
    So, can anyone help ?
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    Ranger Mike

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    what is this to be used on? V8? how much horsepower?
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    for a small racing car about 200 kg weight
    the engine is Suzuki GSXR-600-750k6
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    Ranger Mike

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    For that car, I would try to source the rear differential and halfshafts from a subaru WRX.

    The R160 differentials are plenty strong enough for your car's weight and size and come with a few different flavors of limited slip goodness (helical, clutch, and viscous).

    Me? I would go further and get the entire rear suspension setup and use what I needed concerning uprights, hubs, brakes.....etc.....and sell off the rest.

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    Sounds like a diff/suspension the size of a quad's would be more appropriate.
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    Draw a(n) FBD to determine the forces and torques that act on the shaft. It will be necessary to look at more than just the shaft in order to understand the problem (review the mechanical support system including all elements that interface with the shaft). Vehicle dimensions, masses and accelerations all need to be known (or approximated) to some degree. Consider static forces from the weight of chassis, torque transferred during acceleration, forces involved in turning and suspension action.
    Get an idea what the shaft is doing before you use an existing design or part.
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    With a 200 kg weight I am guessing this is a bike engined car and a very light one at that - my Caterham is 500 kilos.

    There's a few common ones out there you might like to look at e.g. Caterham Seven and Ariel Atom. Caterhams in particular are available in DIY kit form with a large build community, and the drive shafts will be available separately if you need them.
  10. Jan 30, 2012 #9
    It's going to boil down to the ratios that are available, cost, and weight.
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