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Hall effect thrusters

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    hi i am in a bit of a pickle and could do with some advice.

    i have a built, working, hall effect thruster (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hall_effect_thruster) but can't figure out how to measure the thrust it produces. any ideas?


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    Why not just put it upside down on a sensitive balance scale(mechanical or electronic) and measure from there.
    Remember, the thrust IS small, so the scale will have to very sensitive.
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    I'm guessung that would eb a problem. For that kind of sensitivity, you'd need a digital scale, wouldn't you? I don't know if it's wise to put a digital instrument that close to such a strong magnet. Won't it wreck the thing? Or at the least, throw off its accuracy?
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    You do bring up a good point. A digital scale could be adversely affected.
    However, a sensitive non-magnetic mechanical scale should suffice, as the thrust is on the order of comparison to the weight of a US quarter; easily handled by mechanical balance scales.
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