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Hall Effect

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    Hall Effect!!!!

    Hey guys, I'm having a little confusion. Have spent too much time in trying to work through this. . .

    In performing the Hall Effect experiment, I took data of the Hall voltage versus Temperature. I performed this three times for different fixed B, magnetic fields. The conversion factor for temperature (degrees celsius) to volts is 40 microvolts/Kelvin (not even sure if we use this here?). In the attachment there is a graph of vH vs. T for some B. I feel like I am a blind mouse, I'm confused as to what I am to derive from this relationship. Perhaps the resistivity relationship, but again, not sure. If anyone has any insight I would be most thankful.

    I have completed another portion of the experiment vH versus B (for fixed T). Here I obtained a linear relationship. From this I could easily calculate the Hall Coefficient, RH. So I have that completed; its the former that is giving me trouble.


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