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Halliday & Resnik

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    I'm trying to find a text book that can I can use to study on my own time and I've heard great things of Halliday & Resnick's book. What I want to know is if this is the most current version and if I'll get lost or not having only grade 11 physics.
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    Believe it or not fundamental physics has not changed a lot in the last 50 or even 100 years. You should be able to find a perfectly useful copy of this text at a used book store for a very reasonable price. There is no real benefit in having the most current edition.
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    Indeed, besides, any version of this book is a piece of art on itself. Just like the Zumdahl-books on chemistry...

    Any version will do fine and you will find anything that you need...

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    I would disagree with these statements. Fundementals of Physics 4th edition and 5th edition DO NOT contain the same "high level" of math (more 4th then 5th). I found that FOP (Fundementals of Physics) 6th and 7th edition contain a larger amount of calculus which is alot more fun then just the basic formulas. (expessialy in the harmonic motion, rotational motion and waves sections...)

    If you are short on cash then I would recomend buying the 6th edition, but the seventh edition contains more challengin problems, and alot more intresting photos (which may help if you are reading the text by yourself).

    If you are only in grade 11, I would recomend that you learn basic calculus first before attempting to further your physics knowledge. This helps alot in the waves/rotational movement Parts. Also Without the basic calculus you will find the text book a bit overwhelming :surprised ...
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    I used that book as part of my intro physics sequence and really enjoyed it. If you know calculus this is a great book to work with.
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    I loved Resnick and Halliday. It was a staple for the "S" papers and the Ph Olympiad.
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    Look for the "Berkeley Physics Course - McGraw-Hill " (probably out of print).
    The collection (5 volumes, and "Mechanics" is the first one) is by far much better than Halliday.
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    I have the 6th ed. I only used it for 2nd semester Physics, not first, but I thought the 2nd semester info was really good! It was better than my first semester book (can't remember the name/author now). Looks like you can pick one up for 25$ on amazon.com marketplace. I would definitely go with the 6th ed for the price, why spend 127$ on the newest ed. I am just figuring this out now, i'm sorry I bought the newest ed of my Organic book, some of my peers have the previous and it seems just as good.

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    I was not aware, until recently, that there are actually 2 different Halliday & Resnick texts on the market. Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and (now)Walker and Physics by Halliday,Resnick and (now)Krane. Evidently Physics entails more math and depth then Fundamentals.

    I must put in a plug for Physics as my first University Physics course (using Fundamentals..) was taught by Ken Krane, the new contributer.
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    Well i have both old two volume editons(written only by halliday-resnick) and 6th edition of halliday resnick walker i think the old two volume is the best it beats walker one by i think 100-10 if you are studying a little advanced level physics.Though you have to read very carefully you can easily jump over some concepts in old book the theory is very concise problems are excellent (concepts are hidden in problems) .
    I would say
    if you like physics purchase old one two volume though i am not sure whether it is still available in market.
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    Thanks for your input
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