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Halloween krazyness!

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    Heres something wierd. I was held at gunpoint tonight, and there were about 5 guys all participating in the would-be mugging. I showed them I had no money, and they took my cell phone. Needless to say I was very nervous being that the guy had a gun pressed against my chest (not to mention it was the first time a gun was ever pointed at me). The wierd part was about 30 seconds later, they gave me my cell phone and said that it was a prank and they were trying to be gangsters. They asked me if they did a good job, and checked my pulse... za? I told them they did a great job. Then they all shook my hand and wished me well, and wished them well. To be honest, I really enjoyed it because I thought it was real, and that I could've been shot in the chest. I've never had that feeling before, it seems that getting scared that much and feeling so helpless makes me feel a greater sense of well being. I couldn't have asked for a better thing this halloween, I guess I just don't know whats good for me.
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    That was stupid of them for several reasons, one of which being they could have been shot by you!

    Nice to know you are glad it happened though!
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    yeah right, shot by me? Do you think I'm the kind of guy that would try to overpower 5 guys by trying to take the gun out of the main dude's hands? besides, he had it against my chest, so he had the mechanical advantage. I'm not Bruce Lee. hehe, thats funny, me intimidating somone... I just can't do that, it's not in my vocabulary, I don't practice it. I would fail if I tried to scare someone. Even if I was able to snatch thier gun away, I would probably be more scared than them if I pointed it at them.
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    Once a friend of mine was walking down the street when he noticed a van pacing him. Shortly after he noticed this the van came up into a drive way infront of him. The side door opened up and a guy jumped out yelling "GET IN THE VAN!!". He stood there stunned for a moment. The guy who jumped out then said "Just kidding" and asked him for directions to some cafe.
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    Math Is Hard

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    That is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard of. Johnny, you should let the police know what happened. For Pete's sake, what if they had pulled this stunt on someone with a heart condition and killed them?
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    people are stupid
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    Now that I think about it, honestly, I would hate it. I remember the one or two incidences in my life where I honestly thought I would die, and it's not a good feeling at all!
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    Yeah, I agree. In Florida, they could possibly be charged with first-degree murder, depending on whether a "fake" mugging is a crime. (I imagine it is?) And hello, a person would have died from their prank. :yuck:

    Jonny_trigonometry, I'm glad you're okay. How old were they?
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    Ya, their prank was in bad taste and could've killed someone with a heart condition, thats correct. Many pranks can end up with someone dying, you never know. Even things done in good taste can end up with someone dying.

    well, I thought it was good for me. You had to have been there i guess. have you ever had a big scare and later felt that feeling afterwards that makes you think just how (Incabable of putting into words) our situation is as humans? how wierd, odd, strange, and yet intriguing, and amazing it is to be alive. It's also very humbling to know that my life can end at any point, by any means, completely out of my control. It also kind of makes me gain a better understanding that I shouldn't take myself seriously.

    they were around 15-19

    as far as the police... They should be arresting people in offices who do things that take advantage of less powerful people which then result in doing desperate things such as commit petty crimes.
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