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    Who is dressing up and going out this year? This will be the first year I celebrate it as an adult...
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    I got me a genuine Soviet issued bio/chem gas mask with filter. I'm gonna get me a white smock and spray paint either a radiological or biohazard warning on the back. I might Caution tape off my yard and if any hallo-wieners (IE, trick-or-treaters) come to my door, I'll yell at them to RUN! POISON GAS!!! heh :p
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    jimmy p

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    I have a couple of parties to go to but I dont know what to dress up as. I might turn up naked and say that I am dressed as a man who has just been robbed of everything.
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    Halloween weekend here at UCSB is off the hook! I can't wait. I hope some of you close by can come on through and check it out.
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    Halloween falls on a weekend this year; I can't go to work dressed up. :frown: I was gonna go as a Spanish Inquisitor.
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    LOL, now that was funny...
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    NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!
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    A Bi-Lo employee!!!! I'm mostly likely working that night.
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