Hallucinogenic orange mushrooms

I was throwing some rocks yesterday, when I picked up something that looked like but wasn't quite an orange roundish rock the size of my fist. It was a mushroom of some kind, much too light for a rock of that size and soft to boot.

Carefully, I washed my hands. But I felt very tired and upon lying on my bed the ceiling appeared to swirl a little and the colors appeared to fade, something like when you come into the dark after being outside on a bright day, only lasting longer. I then experienced very vivid and surreal dreams.
Was there anything else that may have contributed to this?
I don't know much about Mushrooms, hallucinogenic or not, but I'm pretty sure that it could have been due to inhaling spores. Not so sure about skin contact.
Where do you live, BT? Where did you throw the rocks? :smile:
I live in the US Northeast region and was throwing rocks in an abandoned sand and gravel pit.

It could have simply been that I was very tired. I was pretty tired before picking up the mushroom anyway. Strangely, I had gotten 10 hours of sleep the previous night.

There were no spores that I noticed visibly. I did prod the mushroom with my foot after picking it up because it looked like a children's rubber kickball that had been partly melted in a fire yet not deflated--I wasn't sure it wasn't made out of plastic until I rolled it over. I suppose I could have inhaled spores as a result of that.
Lactarius volemus?

Did it have any unusual smell?
Not that I noticed--it was totally round, almost a sphere. More the size of two fists than one, now that I think about it. Maybe that means it was not a mushroom but some other fungus.

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