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Halo 2 Problems

  1. Nov 10, 2004 #1
    M$ came up with a whole bunch of new precautions for xbox live that is able to detect if an xbox is modded. It looks to see if the harddrive is still the standard 8 gb and that it is running the proper operating system. Thus almost all xboxes... even ones with chips that turn off were baned with live. M$ wanted to get back at those french playing fools... Anyway the game itself is awesome. I have already beat it once.
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  3. Nov 10, 2004 #2
    Ha- Looks like my friend is in trouble!!!
    he already added a 20 gb hard drive to his xbox. (It's so he can save full games t it)
  4. Nov 10, 2004 #3
    Damn French, they're at it again :biggrin:

    If you have a modded box then just get a new one for $130-150. It's pretty cheap nowadays
  5. Nov 11, 2004 #4
    yeah my friend had modded with 120 gig harddrive

    he looked on forums before signing on
    so he didn't get banned
  6. Nov 16, 2004 #5
    My roomate has a modded box so he can play burned games but now it can't play burned dvds. I don't know if this is abnormal, But it may be worth noting.
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