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Halo Energy Sword?

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    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I make YouTube videos where I talk about science in video games / pop culture. Being a mechanical engineer I can usually get by pretty good, but this one has me totally lost.

    Could the Halo energy sword actually exist and if so, how could we (or the universe) possibly do it. One theory I've seen was have oscillating transverse electromagnetic waves in the fourth dimension (?). Apparently there is something like this proven by Einstein that matter is a three dimensional representation of four dimensional energy.

    Any help / suggestions for this video topic would be greatly appreciated :D

    P.S. I'll link my channel if anyone is curious, but I won't unless someone asks so people know I'm not advertising.
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    Well of my limited knowledge no. The energy sword could not exist. I'm pretty sure you cannot channel light/energy into a space and it would definitely not slice someone open. Perhaps it could produce constant radiation? This would probably be too dangerous.
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    I'd suggest try something less dangerous. Perhaps dynamite filled BarbieTM dolls
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    Hello! I'm also a Mech E, though I can't say I know much about energy waves, etc, beyond the basic physics courses. An EE with an advanced degree in plasma dynamics or whatnot might be able to be of some help...or just a regular physicist.

    Personally, I think the Halo energy sword is in the same category as a lightsaber from Star Wars. In general, the only we *we currently know* (AFAIK) how to trap energy is with a high-powered magnetic field - that requires that the "thing" that we're trapping is magnetic (i.e. plasma). So a lightsaber and, by extension, an energy sword might operate under the principle of confined plasma, but keep in mind the power required to achieve the feats we see, such as melting through a solid steel blast door. The power source from our cutting object has to be able to deliver more than enough energy to locally melt a thick plate of steel, or locally melt (then cauterize) through a biological creature. Ouch.

    So if you can cram the energy of an entire smelting facility into the palm of your hand, then you've single-handedly destroyed our current energy economy :D
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    Literally single-handed.
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