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News Hamas Mickey Mouse

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    When children programs look like this, how bad isn't the situation?
    At least they have stopped sending it.

    Clips from the "show":

    Can we hope for a solution of the Israel-Palestine conflict in any near future?
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    I really don't think so, no. I don't see any violent solutions and stuff like this doesn't help in reaching a non-violent solution.

    I think we should have a healthy skepticism with relation to that translation, though - it seems to be generally correct, but the devil's in the details, and MEMRI isn't exactly known to be pro Palestinian :p
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    Probably. Anyone who can check the translation?
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    A cry I usually hear lately, well from Zionists anyway is that "Palestinian children are brainwashed to hate the West", Israel the US or whatever by TV. This doesn't really do much to dissuade me that that is happening unfortunately.

    But then to be frank, when you talk to Israelis there is a deal of hate filled rhetoric there as well. As a strictly impartial person, I think both sides are exposed to the same level of propaganda although in different ways, and frankly it is kind of sad, if not utterly understandable.
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