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Hamiltonian help.

  1. Jun 26, 2007 #1
    hey im i have just finished my final yr from Bangalore.. did phy n maths..interested in pursuing physics in the future.Cld i get some help regarding which books cld b followed if i want to learn Hamiltonian n findin its eigen values. If u cld suggest a book which deals from the basics of the above said ,since i have no knowledge abt the same.
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    in what context?

    if it's hamiltonians classical mechanics, i am unaware of a textbook that discusses eigenvalues of hamiltonians. (i personally used thornton and marion, so the treatment of hamiltonians was basic and minimal.)

    if it's quantum mechanics, i am sure that any beginning-level quantum mechanics textbook (griffiths?) discusses this.

    as far as the actual process of diagonalization of matrices (ie, finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors), any beginning textbook in linear algebra ought to be sufficient.
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