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Hamiltonian Matrix Size in Schrodinger Equation

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    I'm attempting to solve the particle-in-a-box problem using Scipy (with the help of http://www.physics.buffalo.edu/phy410-505/2011/topic4/app2/index.html). At first, I used a 16x16 matrix to model the Hamiltonian, like the link, and my results corresponded to theirs. However, when I used a larger matrix (50x50), I found many extraneous eigenvalues in my results due to the larger matrix size.

    Why does a 16x16 matrix produce exactly the correct eigenstates while a larger one produces extraneous ones? When using a larger matrix (which I thought would increase the accuracy of the simulation due to fewer basis elements being omitted), how can I tell which elements correspond to actual eigenstates and which are extraneous?
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